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Almost everything anybody says about programming has holes enough in the argument that you can drive a truck through them. Some people delight in driving that truck, but I don't see the point. You learn nothing. You're just showing off. Instead, focus on what you can learn.
Hear me out. Viral app idea...

Ppl say that dogs look like their owners.

Someone should create an app that scans two pics and gives you a % rating of how much you look alike.

App can upsell AI-generated images of the human + dog combo. Ie: you and your 78% alike pup on Mars.
Bots infiltrating our lives seems inevitable.

So instead of trying to stop them, feels like the q should be:

How do we design X so that it's valuable — or even better — with bots?

X might be a game, social network, admissions process...

Simple example: chess -> Fischer random
The only writing advice I've ever given: write the book that nobody else can write. If there is a single person on Planet Earth who can write anything close to it, find a hobby.
Generalize to every line you write.
Those who didn't follow such a guideline are punished by ChatGPT.
Follow-up poll: imagine in the future, your favorite artist comes out and says, "From now on, I will be using AI to increase my output. Everything you see/read/hear may not have originated with me." Their output increases 5x with little to no drop in quality. How would you feel?
I don’t expect PSVR2 to be very successful at $600, but technically, with a directly connected OLED display and decent ray tracing performance, it is an opportunity to implement just-in-time ray tracing for couple-millisecond 6DOF motion-to-photons latency, which I would really \
The iOS App Store is full of scams, YouTube ads are full of scams, Twitter ads are full of scams, etc. No one seems to mind this, including tech giant employees whose salaries are paid out of revenue "earned" by harming vulnerable users.
Seek out people, books or ideas that contradict your current beliefs and one of two things will happen:

a) you will discover that you are wrong

b) or you will improve the arguments for your own ideas
Imagine one day in the future you discover that a large percentage of your favorite artist's content was secretly being AI-generated. This AI was trained on the artist's actual work, so there is no quality drop-off. How would you feel if you found out?
Imagine one day in the future you discover that a large percentage of your favorite author's content was secretly being AI-generated. This AI was trained on the author's actual work, so it wrote exactly like him/her and the content was great. How would you feel?

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