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Today is a very special day for me and Bridgewater Associates because I transitioned my control of Bridgewater to the next generation and I feel great about the people and "machine" now in control. This transition moment is the culmination of a 47-year journey (1/11)
As a kid in the 1970s, I read books about people like Thomas Edison and Henry Ford telling of how they tinkered with small machines like alarm clocks when they were kids. Their desire to know how things worked formed the basis of their future success. They were hardware hackers.
Precedent is a poor reason for decisions. It calcifies the status quo without a compelling rationale.

It doesn’t matter how long a tradition has stood. If the old way is wrong, it should be challenged and changed.

Progress lies in improving the future, not defending the past.
Since Google launched Pixel phones in 2016, it's sold 27.6 million units. That's 1/10 of Samsung's 2021 sales. In other words, Google would need 60 years to sell as many phones as Samsung sells in one.

Data: IDC
The challenge for every new P2P social app has been to have an angle that lets it break out, but then to scale beyond the gimmick. Snap was the last one to achieve this, and it’s a puzzle how BeReal does the same…
Google is sending me marketing emails to scare me into buying more storage for its email service. Oh, my, how the might gods of cloud have fallen than they have to squeeze pennies for disk space. It doesn't bode well for its earnings prospects.
As John Maynard Keynes is credited with saying: “When the facts change, I change my mind. What do you do, sir?” Along these lines, the facts have changed and I’ve changed my mind about cash as an asset: I no longer think cash is trash. (1/2)
Works like this. You ask the team and me to do something complex, but you don’t know why you are asking. Ok. Happy to help. We do it, but you fail to act on the results of our effort. Ok. You do it again. Right. Third time we aren’t starting until you know what you are asking.
Any time someone like Musk makes some outlandish pronouncement the question you should be asking is, "what is he trying to distract us from" because this dumb trick works every time with the goldfish brained people inhabiting the media ecosystem
A little baffled by all the Brazil election analysis I'm seeing in US media—Lula won definitively, by more than 5%, or over 6 million votes (with a left spoiler candidate getting 3% no less). Didn't clear the threshold of 50%, but it's still not "neck and neck"?

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