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In baseball and golf, you are taught to swing through the ball. Don’t hit the ball, swing through it like it isn’t there. Product people (pm & dev) can take a lesson from this. Don’t simply target where the problem is. Instead, swing through the problem towards the solution.
Really so funny to have people tell me that I’m missing the point on how to ship great products by not understanding the methodologies they like and are invested in rather than the things that work.
I've hoped that even though Elon Musk was a partner of Peter Thiel in Paypal, that he didn't have the same disgusting nazi-like politics as Thiel. Give him the benefit of the doubt. Hope for the best. But it's becoming harder to give him that benefit.
Five Ways to Be More Productive Each Day:

1. Better sleep—no caffeine, alcohol, sugar before bed
2. Wake up earlier—see: birds and worms, etc.
3. Do your most important task first thing
4. No email, texting, social media until after lunch
5. Get up and go for a walk
Pretty much every 'closed' centralised service is built on top of an 'open' system on the next layer down the stack. That describes search, or Windows, or even iOS. You are free to use Bing, or root your Android. No-one does.
Pretty cool that whether the world's richest man buys one of the world's most important communication platforms or not comes down to the question of how badly he wants to deprive libs of a chance to gloat
Working at the correct level of abstraction is the most difficult part of my job. Sometimes I need a meeting. Sometimes I have to write a doc. Sometimes I write code. Sometimes I pass responsibility to someone else. Where I frequently get tripped up is when to choose a course.
Friends, to sync data across devices would you use CoreData/CloudKit or Firebase? I want as little friction as possible and as few headaches as possible :-)

App will only ever run on Apple hardware.
When a Stoic faces a problem they…

…don't make things worse by whining/complaining
…focus on what they can learn
…endure what they can’t change
…look for opportunities to improve because of it
…embrace their fate
Good PR descriptions are even more important in a monorepo, where there’s more code & less context.

“Changed the <foo>”

- Why did you change it?
- What’s the behavior before & after?
- Never-mind that, what even is a <foo>, again? Can you include a picture or short description?

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