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Listen, if you are a boat in the range during a rocket launch, in my opinion, you are in a bad spot for a game of Battleship, and you should just get what you deserve ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ no more holding, sink ‘em
I miss the days when good photographers made videos on YouTube that were good & fun to watch. Now they mail-in 10-minute videos, of which 25% is spent touting SquareSpace or some random sponsor. The whole thing has become a YT equivalent of old clickbait blog posts! Disappointing
we had a significant issue in ChatGPT due to a bug in an open source library, for which a fix has now been released and we have just finished validating.

a small percentage of users were able to see the titles of other users’ conversation history.

we feel awful about this.
“What I feel fortunate about is that I’m still astonished, that things still amaze me. And I think that that’s the great benefit of being in the arts, where the possibility for learning never disappears, where you basically have to admit you never learn it.” ​— Milton Glaser
When your internal world is a tempest of emotion, write. When you’re confused about what to do next, write. When you’re trying to learn faster, write. When you’re in the pits of despair, write.

Writing is the antidote to so many of life’s problems.
You can basically achieve anything if you’re obsessed with it. The challenge is you can’t consciously choose you’re obsessions. They choose you — and they come at the cost of just about everything else in life.
The higher the stakes, the less rationally people behave. This is why it’s nearly useless to study decision-making in academic settings. If you want to see how humans actually think, follow the volatility: love, death, rivalry, betrayal, war.
5 Stoic lessons from Marcus Aurelius:

1. The obstacle is the way
2. Be strict with yourself, tolerant with others
3. Stop caring about what others do/say/think
4. You don't have to have an opinion
5. You could leave life right now—let that determine what you do and say and think
Writing in school: essays you don't care about, written for teachers you don't care to impress.

Writing on the internet: follow your interests to attract your future best friends and career opportunities you would've never expected.
Last time I was at the Hermitage in Saint Petersburg, there were only Chinese tourists there. They came in large groups & locals were upset because the tour operators brought & sold their own souvenirs (Russian dolls, miniatures, etc.) & reproductions, all made in China.

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