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That r/antiwork Fox interview seems less a trainwreck than one moderator of a vast community responding awkwardly to extreme condescension. Can't fathom why they went on, but this is the reaction Fox dreamed of. Just a case study in how solidarity gets torn apart
Memes and social friction apart, my Calendly puzzle was always how many people have enough meetings to care, are allowed to install stuff like that, and don’t have someone else running their diary. Similar to Superhuman or ‘personal CRM’ - how many people have that problem?
Platforms and services, like media, are free to decide what and what not to carry. Each is an exercise of their freedom of expression. We are equally free to judge them by their judgment and associate with them or not. None of this is censorship; it is the right of all.
Adversity isn't always a test to conquer. Sometimes it's a struggle to endure.

Resilience is not a race to bounce back from hardship. It's a commitment to keep going in the face of hardship.

All your scars may not make you stronger, but they do remind you of your strength.
Turns out, just as Covidopaths misrepresent Antifragile, they don't get Von Mises:

VM:" [liberalism] certainly does not regard the State as an evil, or as a necessary evil." It just wants to limit the state from ownership of means of production.
VM stood in favor of the draft.
Unless you are being emotionally rewarded for something, you'll eventually stop doing it, no matter how much willpower you have. To stick to a new positive behavior, you must find a way to make it fun, exciting or emotionally valuable in another way.
The Golden Rule applied to marketing:

1. Explain your product how you'd want products explained to you.

2. Price your product as if you were buying it yourself.

3. Set a refund policy you'd want for yourself.

4. Don't do anything you'd consider a nuisance.
Technically Torrents are already a permissionless consensus-seeking database with "proof of popularity". Search for some torrent and the one with the most seeders is very likely to be correct/authentic. It's rare that spam is the most seeded.t
Tech people are probably done with Oculus / Meta.

This was the one product any of us still liked from ad-based web2 / legacy companies like Google and Facebook.

Good luck— great times —see you on the other side. :)

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