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Parker Conrad told me that there are over 50 startup founders at Rippling. They not only like to hire founders, but have deliberately designed the company to be a place where they'll feel at home, by giving their software a modular architecture that enables independent projects.
Finally found a Web 3 company I'm excited about. I even made a small investment. Why? Because if they didn't mention Web 3, or blockchain, the product would still be interesting, and useful to people.
Finally found a Web 3 company I'm excited about. I even made a small investment. Why? Because if they didn't mention Web 3, or blockchain, the product would be still interesting, and useful to people.
Nothing makes me happier than when established YC founders help the new ones. Fortunately they seem to be very willing to. When I ask established founders to help new ones, 95% of the time they do more than I ask.
One thing you don't realize about parenting till you have kids is that unless you have lots of kids you're always going to be a noob. The parents of a 13 year old have 13 years' experience as parents, but they may have zero years' experience as parents of a 13 year old.
# Steve Martin is serious about comedy

I once heard an interview with comedian Steve Martin, and was surprised at how serious he sounds when discussing his profession. I expected comedy, but when he talks about what he does, vs doing it, he's all business. It made an impression.
7 Keys to a Productive Life:

1. Wake up early
2. Limit interruptions
3. Make a little progress everyday
4. Say no (a lot)
5. Learn from your mistakes
6. Pick yourself back up when you slip
7. Waste no time measuring yourself against other people
If you’re online community isn’t there for you in a bear market, it’s not a community. Maybe it’s a list, perhaps they’re customers or subscribers, but let’s not call it a “community.” Listening to some web3 podcasts and finding this term incredibly overused.
Whenever I notice that I’ve been especially productive for a given stretch of time, it’s almost always because…

- I quit Slack by mistake
- I accidentally closed my Gmail tab
- I left my phone in my bag
I've never met a founder who has a deeper analytical knowledge of his business than Tony Xu. He not only has a complete model of Doordash in his head, but apparently also a complete model of everything involving delivery, and everything involving food.

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