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Simple way to improve the Internet is to reduce the recency bias. Almost all our algorithms focus on “what’s happening now” instead of what’s relevant. We need less news and more eternal wisdom.
There's a funny gap between all the cool animation tools in Keynote/PPT and the new wave of web-based presenting tools on one hand... and on the other, the reality that the only reliable way to get your slides on a screen at an event is to make each slide a static JPEG
One of the simplest mindset shifts you can make to find greater success is simply to extend your time horizon. Measure your major decisions not in months or years but decades. Do that consistently and you will be amazed where you end up.
We seem perhaps to have forgotten that technologists generally have a good sense of how the tech they're working on will evolve in the next 18 months or so, but tend not to have a better sense than anyone else of how that tech will affect society in general over the next decade.
7 Stoic DON’Ts:

1/ Complain...not even to yourself
2/ Talk more than you listen
3/ Tie your identity to your possessions
4/ Compare yourself to others
5/ Suffer imagined troubles
6/ Judge others
7/ Be all about business
Weekends shouldn’t be time to recover. They should be time to rejoice.

Burnout cultures exhaust us through the week and force us to recharge on the weekends. Healthy cultures provide daily space to refuel.

Places that continually deplete our energy don’t serve our well-being.
I spent so long developing with high end GPUs locally for 3D work, then attached VR headsets with involved local development environments, that working mostly with cloud hosted environments for AI is fairly novel for me. Having things “just work” from different systems is nice!
Following the Meta fine this week: is there any way in which it is principle legal to have data on EU citizens on a server in the USA that is not end-to-end encrypted - or even if it *is* E2EE but you have, say, IP addresses, email addresses or metadata?
"If it wasn't for YC, we wouldn't have Stripe & Airbnb."

Yeah. And if it wasn't for WWI & II, we wouldn't have stainless steel, or zippers, or the jet engine, or radars, or computers.

Wars are great for collective innovation. Doesn't mean they're great for the people in them.
5 Stoic lessons from Seneca:

1/ We suffer more in imagination than in reality
2/ Associate only with people who improve you
3/ The greatest remedy for anger is delay
4/ Value your time more than your possessions
5/ Death is not in the distant future. We are dying every day

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